Living Large for The Long Haul




In this follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestselling Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times, America’s most trusted consumer advocate returns with the stories of 50 Americans who can show you how to live below your means while living life to the fullest. Using fascinating anecdotes from the real lives of people of all financial backgrounds, Clark surveys the American landscape and finds inspiring stories of those not just surviving in the post-recession U.S. economy, but thriving with his teachings and coming up with their own strategies. With more than 200 takeaway tips, Clark’s latest book is sure to help every individual and family make better, long-term decisions. In this book, you’ll be introduced to: • Anthony, a hard-working laborer who raised his credit score by 300 points while earning under $30,000 a year • Joyce and Don, former casino and credit junkies, who killed off $40,000 of debt in 24 months • Mike, who is playing catch up on retirement savings at 50 • Kate, a middle school teacher, who will have $38,000 of her student loan debt forgiven • Willy, an uninsured man who found a way to pay $9,000 for a major surgery that could have cost $300,000 • Samantha, the accidental hotelier who turned her costly one-bedroom condo into a profit-turning bed and breakfast for travelers from all over the world • Dr. Stephanie, a successful dentist who decided to live a more modest lifestyle in order to pay down school loan debt • Krista, a savvy consumer who uses her negotiating skills for a lower cable rate every six months • Betsy and Scott, parents to three children who managed to slash their household technology budget by $2,000 annually without suffering • Melinda and Doug, who learned to keep above 800 credit scores even during periods of unemployment • Jannet, cut adrift from full-time work and surviving with “joblets” • Ray, who took just $2,000 and launched an online T-shirt business that’s turned into treasure • And many more!

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