Life Lift


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Do you ever wonder, “Is there more to life than this?” It’s your time to say goodbye to a life of regrets and wishes. It’s your turn to lift out of what holds you back. With Life Lift, you will have the tools you need to live a bright and lifted life. Acclaimed speaker, writer, and life coach, Rex Crain, has inspired and motivated millions around the world. He has taught business leaders, elite athletes, entertainment stars, and people from every walk of life the means, techniques, and motivation to live a life of maximum impact. In his groundbreaking book, Life Lift, Rex will show you how to: Let go of things that don’t serve and satisfy you. Envision the life that will inspire and reward you. Make destiny-altering decisions. Overcome the fears and challenges that hold you back. Unlock and unleash the limits of your potential. Rediscover your true identity. Invest in your gift and find true success. Launch into your rewarded life!

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