Why Christianity?

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(by Dr. Larry Ollison)

Scripture for the Day – August 2, 2019

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

The world is full of literally thousands of religions and every religion has a founder or a leader. These leaders were able to recruit and gather followers and convince them that they knew special information about the afterlife. Most were charismatic, strong personalities. Some said they were mere men and others claimed to have a special connection with the spirit world. But eventually, all of these leaders died, and their followers continued to proclaim their message and their religions became established.

However, Christianity is different. Christianity is based on the life and message of Jesus Christ. Although He died like all the other religious leaders, after three days in the tomb, He was resurrected and was seen by hundreds as He continued to explain His message for another forty days (Acts 1:2,3). And then in full view, He ascended into the sky and into heaven itself while His disciples looked on (Acts 1:9).

So, the first thing that separates Christianity from all the other religions of the world is that the Founder, Jesus Christ, defeated death by being resurrected from the grave after having been dead for three days.

The second major difference between Christianity and all the other false religions of the world is that all other pagan gods require a sacrifice for the benefit of the false god in order for the followers to make a payment for protection. Christianity, on the other hand, is based on God sacrificing Himself for mankind so that His followers will receive benefit from Him.

In other words, false religions treat man like their god is the godfather, while Christianity treats its followers with the understanding that the true God is God the Father. While the godfather-type gods demand payment for protection, God the Father bestows the blessing on those who believe in His Sacrifice.

As I travel the world, I have seen temples and altars where man has attempted to please their gods, but the human blood of infants and young virgins has never accomplished anything except to promote death. The One True God made the ultimate sacrifice of Himself by coming to this earth in the form of a man (Jesus Christ). Through His perfect sacrifice, He brought forth life.

All of mankind has a choice. Accepting the sacrifice of the One True Living God, by receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior, will bring eternal life and blessings on earth. The other choice is to reject the sacrifice of Jesus by worshiping a false deity who demands constant and continuous payment. While some may believe that they can reach heaven by being good and doing benevolence, the Bible says that our good works will not save us. Only receiving the sacrifice of Jesus and believing in Him brings eternal life.

When you become a Christian, the death of Jesus replaces your death, so that death is no longer in your future, but is in your past. No other religion or false god can give you this. Only the God of the living, the God who conquered death, can bring life.


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