The Three Keys

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Scripture of The Day
July 8, 2021

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction faithful in prayer. ( Romans 12:11-12) NIV.

By Cheryl Henderson

I read a devotional today that really inspired me. I like things simple, bottom line, and easy to follow. I realize that God’s Word is not a formula, nor is it always easy or simple. However, for me, I like to have steps and guidelines to keep me straight.  In several passages in Paul’s letters to the church he boils down the walk of faith to 3 keys.. I pray that it inspires you and helps you as it did me.

1. “Be joyful in hope.” You know, the word hope, as it is used in the Bible is not wishing. The definition of hope is confident expectation. That means that you are confident in expecting to see God do what He said He would do. Just like Abraham, who hoped against hope that he would be the father of many nations.

2. “Patient in affliction.” I must say that this is not my favorite. However, in this world we will have tribulations. We are living in a fallen world. Jesus has redeemed us and we are no longer fallen, but the world we live in is fallen and a mess! When we experience problems our first reaction is to get out of them as quickly as possible . But whether God takes us out of the them or through them He wants us to turn to Him for wisdom and strength. That is where our growth happens. That is where our faith matures.

3 . “Faithful in prayer.” The faithful prayers of the righteous avails much. I love to pray. Never give up on prayer. And when the answer delays I stop praying and start listening.  These seem to be 3 guidelines I can put into practice to build my faith. To trust God more and to look to Him for everything.


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