The Fire of God

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Scripture of The Day
October 22, 2021

I (Jesus) am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened (constrained, hindered, held back) till it be accomplished! (Luke 12:49-50)

By Ed Henderson ( 2020 )

As you read through the scriptures you will find numerous referrals to fire being associated with God. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush; He led His people out of Egypt with a pillar of fire by night; He was often referred to as a refiner’s fire and an all-consuming fire; Elijah challenged the false prophets with as sacrifice where God’s fire came down from Heaven and consumed the sacrifice, the altar, and the water; Elijah went to Heaven on a chariot of fire; Elisha’s servant’s eyes were opened to see a mountain full of horses and chariots of fire; the baptism of the Holy Ghost is described by John the Baptist as a baptism in fire; John described in Revelation the eyes of Jesus as a flame of fire; and these are just a few examples.

You and I must be able to discern the times that we live in and understand the wiles of our enemy. Satan has never created anything. He is a thief. He will even try to steal from God because he wants to be God. Therefore, it is not startling that he would try to use fake fire. Remember, Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He is a deceiver and everything he does is with the intent to kill, steal and destroy.

Take a close look at our nation today. Fake fires are being lit all around us. It’s no longer wrong to lie about authority figures if you don’t like them, riot in the streets, destroy property, burn businesses or police cars. It’s all justified by our so-called freedom of expression. This is not God’s fire. This is a fake fire with the intent of burning down anyone and anything you do not agree with.

That is straight from the pit of Hell. God’s fire is an empowering fire. It’s meant to refine us and burn out the sin in our lives. It’s meant to guide us by night. It’s meant to give us discernment. It’s meant to give us the power and authority to defeat our enemies. It’s meant to give us the power to serve and pray. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.  Elijah did not call down fire from Heaven using some magician’s trick. You and I need the fire of God in our lives. Just because you are saved and have a passion for Christ does not mean you are ready to cast out demons. Unless you have been baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire you should not be hanging out a shingle to be a deliverance minister. We are talking about spiritual warfare here. You cannot fight a demon with a degree in psychology. You need God’s fire!!!

It is time to wake up church! It is time to turn aside and see what is happening as Moses did with the burning bush. We need everything that God has for us. We need on-fire churches that are full of on-fire believers that are ready to do spiritual warfare. We need some ministers of fire! It’s time to fight fire with fire!
And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire. (Hebrews 1:7)


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