The Christmas Star (By Jentzen Franklin, Connect With God)

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Scripture for the Day
(December 24, 2020)
When they saw the star, they rejoiced.
(Matthew 2:10)

Ever wonder why educated men would drop everything to follow a star for hundreds of miles? You’re not alone; there’s been a lot of speculation about the star. Think what it represents:
1. Hope. Listen: “God loved us, and through His grace He gave us…… Hope.,,..that continues forever” (2Th 2:16 NCV) Hope for all eternity, what a gift! This star didn’t merely lead the wise men to the fulfillment of their expectations, it points each of us to the only hope of salvation- Jesus!

2. Joy The Bible says, “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with….great joy.” Why? Because Jesus is the source of transcendent joy; the kind that lifts us above our circumstances and makes others think,  “Whatever you’ve got I need!”

3. Guidance The star united shepherds and philosophers, rich and poor, intellectual and illiterate-around Jesus-Heaven’s answer to earth’s dilemma. Notice, after the wise men worshipped Him and laid their treasures at His feet, the Bible says, “They departed into their own country another way.” (Mt 2:12) Understand this: it’s impossible to meet Jesus and go home the same way! “If any man be in Christ, he is new creature, old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2Co 5:17)

So when somebody asks you, “What did you get for Christmas?” just smile and say: (a) hope that gets brighter each day: (b) joy that’s greater than any threat or circumstance: (c) guidance for every step of the way.


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