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Scripture for the Day (October 3, 2016)

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15)

We just returned from a whirlwind trip which included a speaking engagement in South Florida and a celebration dinner in Valdosta, GA. The dinner in Valdosta was to celebrate 15 years of ministry with Chris and Terri Musgrove. This couple founded Future Now Ministries 15 years ago and have been speaking and ministering to thousands of youth in many states but mainly in Georgia and Florida.

Future Now takes a full production team into high schools, which includes live music, lights and drama. They concentrate their in-school program on speaking to young people about making the right choices, having a vision and plan for their future, and not getting into the things that would wreck their future like drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc.

They then invite them to a voluntary night service that is open to the students, their friends, and family. The night service is where they talk about the Lord and have an altar call. They have had over 20,000 decisions for Christ at these night services.

We have known this couple for over 25 years and have watched them grow and mature. We are so proud of them. As we were driving to the event I told my wife that there were three things that I especially liked about this couple:

1. They have been willing to go. The laborers are few. It is getting harder and harder in this politically correct atmosphere to see someone buck the system. Most people would just automatically tell you that you cannot preach in public schools. Chris and Terri did not accept that. They figured out a way to reach the youth. As we have said before, two-thirds of God’s name is go.
2. They have been willing to go into the “world”. We are instructed by Jesus to go into the “world” and preach the gospel. The “world” is outside the four walls of the church. Jesus spent most of His time ministering outside of the temple.
3. Chris is a dedicated “Word” person. You may have noticed that about once a week I use one of Chris’s daily devotionals. The reason I like his devotionals is that they are jam packed with the scripture. Thank God for a young man that cherishes the Word of God and backs up everything he teaches with the Word of God.

Happy anniversary Chris & Terri! Well done. We love you and we know your future plans to train new teams and expand to other states will be successful also.

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