A Life Well Lived (#5 – The Response to a Woman of God)

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Scripture for the Day December 30, 2018

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? (John 11:26)

Friday afternoon was the viewing at Danny and Kari’s local church (Collierville Bible Church). I wish you guys could have seen it. It was scheduled from 5-8 PM but it lasted until after 9:30 PM. Over 1000 people waited in line for hours to view Kari and give their respects to Danny. He stood the whole time and greeted and hugged and talked to each individual. I was so proud of him and this community.

The funeral was Saturday at 10 AM at Germantown Baptist Church in Germantown, TN. It was spectacular!!! Our son Chip handled the worship with the praise team of Collierville Bible Church. It was truly a celebration and that is what Kari wanted.

We had numerous testimonies from young people that had been discipled by Kari. We had an opportunity to speak briefly and Danny and Kari’s local Pastor did a great job of presenting the gospel to a very large audience.

Thousands of people heard the gospel this weekend and it was all because one woman lived a life for Jesus. It was truly a life well lived. Keep praying that decisions will be made as a result. We have already seen some but we are expecting many, many more.

Thank all you guys for your support through these very tough times!!!!





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