New Life Network is a unique ministry designed to serve and support all those who are seeking to find who they are in Christ at various business functions and other large ministry outreaches. Recognizing the need for such support, New Life Network was born from the desire of both businessmen and ordained ministers to assist others as they make new choices, develop new life styles, and embark on their New Life in Christ.

Our Directors, Rev, Ed and Cheryl Henderson, were ordained into the ministry in 1986. They have since dedicated their efforts to seeing men and women come to be all that God has called them to be, and to see lives changed by the power of God. Established in 1989, New Life Network is a non-denominational, 501-C3, non-profit corporation.

  • Assist all those who want to find out who they are in Christ and help them find their place, purpose and destiny.
  • Serve as a complete resource center for support in marriage, parenting, relationships, leadership, finances, communication, business and many other relevant issues pertaining to a successful life.
  • Provide inspirational material from music and books to CDs and DVDs.
  • Work with thousands of local Pastors to compile and supply a comprehensive network of supportive churches both locally and worldwide.
  • Assist other large evangelistic outreaches, including Joyce Meyer Ministries and Joel Osteen Ministries/Lakewood Church, in finding good local churches for new believers, partners and followers of their ministries.
  • Facilitate independent evangelistic meetings and marriage seminars at a wide range of venues, including churches and business functions.
  • Provide a wide array of Inspirational books at an onsite book table for major business and ministry meetings.

Brig & Lita Hart

Founders Brig was born in Maryland but grew up on the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. He spent much of his younger years surfing and enjoying all the fun and sports of life at the beach. After high school graduation, Brig served his country in the United States Marines. When his service to his country was done Brig struggled to find a way to reach the things in life he wanted. He and his brother owned and operated a surf shop at Jacksonville Beach, but Brig knew there was more to business and success than what he had seen. It was at this time that Brig became involved with a network marketing business. His life began to change as he began to change. He grew in the knowledge of business, self-improvement, and motivation, and a short time later made the most important decision of his life. He made Jesus Christ the Lord of his life.

Ed & Cheryl Henderson

Directors Ed was born and raised in Albany, GA and worked as a Federal Investigator and District Field Manager in Charleston, WV, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL and Jacksonville, FL, until retiring from that profession in 1992. Ed met Cheryl in Atlanta, GA, where she was born and was a successful fashion model. They were married in June 1967 and have three grown sons with seven grand children. In 1978, after a miracle in the birth of their second son, Cheryl dedicated her life to the Lord and started seeking God for her family. In 1982 Ed dedicated his life to the Lord and Ed & Cheryl started ministering together in churches and prisons in the Memphis, TN and surrounding tri-state area where they were located at the time.

Doug & Janet Rowland

Alive2Love What started as a humanitarian outreach, has grown into an army of missionaries – employing their unique gifts and resources – to reach the hearts of broken and desperate people around the world. Alive2Love Missions was founded 15 years ago by Doug and Janet Rowland. At the time, Doug was visiting the nation of Honduras on one of his first missions trips when a category 5 hurricane demolished the country’s existing frail infrastructure.

David & Lisa Mitts

Destiny House David and Lisa have devoted their lives over the past 27 years to ministering God’s love and healing. In addition to the work they began in Seattle, they and their four children lived in Israel for 4 1/2 years, near Tiberius where they established a healing center and ministered holistic healing to both Jews and Arabs.

Guy & Cate Iannello

Total Freedom After years in the drug world, Pastor Guy Iannello was radically saved by a “close encounter of the God kind.” Sentenced to life in prison at the age of seventeen, Guy was searching for answers. God sovereignly and miraculously touched Guy’s life over 20 years ago, filling him with the Holy Spirit and changing the course of his life forever.