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The 365 Club is the financial backbone of New Life Network. Any successful company (including ministries) requires a steady source of monthly income to operate efficiently. Your gift will go to support New Life Network and our Team of Ministries that are committed to Marketplace Ministry; Missions and Humanitarian Aid to Third World Countries; Ministry and Housing to victims of Human Trafficking; and Discipleship Training and Housing to men and women with addiction issues.

The 365 Club allows our supporters to choose a monthly amount to sow from $1.00 per day up to $30.00 per day. This amount is automatically charged to your credit/debit card once per month. New Life Network will sow back into each 365 Club participant with a gift from our Online Christian bookstore. Our President will also conduct meetings and webinars for Founder’s Club and Chairman’s Club Members on a periodic basis to keep them informed on the status of all ministry projects.

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