The DNA of Business for Network Marketing



Product Description

Some people say the first step to starting a successful business
is to have a clearly defined vision. For others, it may be a revolutionary
product that solves a need. Hundreds of books have flooded the network
marketing profession, sharing that certain “nugget of truth” that is supposed
to deliver your goals and dreams. So why read this one?
The DNA of Business: For Network Marketing offers proven concepts
that will explain why you are working too hard and thinking too much! That
said, this is not a fix-it book, it’s a live-it book. Each element (Dream, Belief,
Urgency, Activity, Improvement, and Results) as defined by the DNA-b
model will be explained. You will come to quickly understand that modifying
your “Business DNA” will propel you to achieve the lifestyle you are
looking for. It is truly within your grasp—and within your control.

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